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The home of Community Tourism

Community-based Tourism is about sharing…sharing moments, sharing your heritage, sharing sustainability, sharing real life. As human beings, we all want to be part of something… to be part of special moments; we want to feel good by being part of something, we want to feel we belong there.

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach, the Home of Community Tourism, is made up of a string of fishing villages located along the less "touristy" desert South Coast of Jamaica. Sparkling Waters is located in the village of Billy's Bay where you can observe the comings and goings of the local fishermen. We encourage you to walk down to the fishing beach and watch all the activities surrounding the boats being unloaded of their colorful catch of the day.

Treasure Beach as a whole offers a few local restaurants and rum bars, craft and grocery shops and of course public beaches where you can always find a bar filled with cold Red Stripes and good conversations.

Our Creed

We believe in the "nature" of things. We believe they should be the way they are and not the way we want them to be. We don’t believe in massification. We believe in people that are looking for unusual experiences, sharing their life with others. We believe in people that enjoy the simplest things in life. We believe in people that enjoy a simple chat about nothing in particular without any rush. We believe in the authenticity of moments and not in moments created artificially. We believe that being part of something is much greater than being part of nothing. We believe that by sharing what we have, what we are, what we can do, we become the wealthiest people on the entire planet.



*Price: US$160.00 for 2 persons. US$55.00 per person for 3 or more.

We leave the car home for this one! This 4 - 5 hour tour takes you along breathtaking coastline, where you may spot dolphin, and into the longest river in Jamaica. You will feel like you are on a true tropical adventure while passing mangroves, crocodiles, and a variety of birds. On your way back you stop at the famous Pelican Bar!

Ask us about a beach picnic on a deserted beach!


*Price: US$100.00 for 1 - 3 persons. US$25.00 for each additional person.

Start the day on a country road along the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Continue through Bamboo Avenue, a 3-mile long stretch of road shaded by an archway of giant bamboo, surrounded by orange groves and sugarcane fields. Stop at YS Waterfalls, one of the highest and most scenic waterfalls in Jamaica, where you can cool off with a swim, be adventurous and try the canopy tour or just relax and enjoy the lush tropical surroundings. When you’re ready, it’s off to the historic town of Black River, where you can pick up fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, or whatever takes your fancy. Head home through the beautiful Pedro Plains farmland.

Admission to the YS Waterfalls is $19.00 US per adult and $9 US per child under 15. Children under 3 are free. Canopy tours available for $40 US per person 8 yrs old or over. YS Waterfalls is closed on Mondays.


Price: US$195 for 1 – 3 persons. $US20.00 for each additional person.

Enjoy a cool 2 ½ hours ride through the outskirts of the famous Cockpit Country and get an inner-island view of Jamaica seldom seen by visitors. When you reach Nine Mile an authentic Rastafarian guide will share with you the natural world of Bob Marley’s birthplace, which was his meditation getaway during his career, and also where he now rests. This tour touches on Marley’s childhood and the pure and simple lifestyle in this small mountain village, giving you a sense of the peace and tranquility that Marley always protected. All visitors to Nine Mile are well informed of the history of "The King of Reggae”.

Admission to Nine Mile is $19 US for adults and $9 US for children 5-12 yrs old, under 5 free.


*Price: Starting at US$25 per person.

Take a nature walk through fields and along the shore line learning about the flora and fauna of the dessert South Coast. Or if you want a challenging course hike from Lover’s Leap (1,750 foot cliff) down to the sea. Take a bicycle tour along the quiet streets surrounding the Treasure Beach area. Or venture further out for a more challenging ride through the surrounding hills. Peek into the culture and history of Jamaican country living on a scooter tour through the backroads of the local countryside.

Bicycle rentals available starting at $25 US per day. Scooter rentals available starting at $40 US per day.

*Prices listed are for cost of transportation only and do not include entrance fees, food, beverages, etc. For more information and other suggestions on tours, speak to our staff on arrival.

Contact Information

c/o Treasure Tours
Calabash Bay P.A.
St. Elizabeth
Jamaica, West Indies


Photos by Nigel Lord

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